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Our soft enamel pins are one of our key products. Unlike hard enamel pins, their surface is a bit more ridged due to the appliance of only one layer of enamel paint. Their biggest advantage is the price, which is considerably lower making them ideal for promotional purposes or fundraising events.


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Colorful and Textured, Batpins Soft Enamel Pins

There are many different peoples in the world, and every one has its style and unique creativity and likes; for that reason, there are equally many alternatives for them to express themselves, through art and even with fashion and jewelry. There are so many options that the fashion industry is in constant developing and changing with the trend of the time to maintain their businesses, which requires reinventing and implementing new creative things once every certain time or be forgotten. There have been many trends, and jewelry always has been one that never fails and is always looked after

.The pins are like a  branch of jewelry, not only used to commemorate an important event or make a political campaign. The Batpins Soft Enamel Pins can be used either for business or to express your taste and creative style. Converting rach pin into art pieces that any person can wear to complement their outfit; all depends on the purpose that the owner wants to use them. Besides, the truth is that these soft enamel pins are very versatile and can be made with many different designs with vibrant colors and also including texture, making them perfect for many different purposes.

What are the uses of a Soft Enamel Pin?

In general speaking, this type of pin is the most common in the market and is often used for any type of business and purpose. It can be used as a recompense for the effort in some competitions, like marathons. Also, it is often used as a pin of events or fairs. On the other side, this type of pins is also used representing political parties or identifying social groups. Even some companies and corporations use soft enamel pins as products to make advertising of their brands using their logotypes or some image strongly associated with their brand. The uses of soft enamel pins are as varied as their designs.

Another common use of Soft Enamel Pins is employing them as accessory jewelry to compliment the outfit, especially for young people but it also works for anyone that has a liking to a design and uses it as an accessory with their outfit or to decorate a purse, backpack o anything to their liking. Also, all of these uses are thanks to the Properties of Soft Enamel Pins that allow them to be so versatile and manufacture them in large quantities to satisfy all the demands and needs that the customers have. 

How is made a Soft Enamel Pin?

This type of pin is the most common because its elaboration is less complicated than the hard enamel pins. Similar to their counterpart, the Soft Enamel Pin requires hard material some use metal that is die struck to make concavities separated by die lines and following the design of the customer. After that, the piece is polished to remove residues and leave it to prepare for the application of the next step. Later, the cavities are coated with color enamels that can vary according to the wanted design.

Contrary to the hard enamel pin, this type is filled not to the brim; the coating is applied only once to give the color and do not leave the bottom visible. Also, the metal outlines remain raised, which will give the pin a texturized surface upon completion, which is one of the Properties of Soft Enamel Pins. Afterward, the pieces are put in an oven to be processed at high temperatures and harden the enamel, completely leaving the 3D surfaces with the die line separating the different colors. As can be noticed, this procedure is relatively faster and easier than the process of making a hard enamel pin.

What are the advantages of Soft Enamel Pins?

Among the advantageous Properties of the Soft Enamel Pins, it is important to highlight that the fast manufacturing process makes it easy to produce in mass, and supply the needs of the customers. Besides its cost is significantly lower than hard enamel pins. These reasons are the most relevant to make it be the most common type used in the market. Besides, this type of pin is more suitable to allow the application of a great variety of plating and color enamel to be used and the designs to be more intricate so the customers can express better their creativity. 

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The Properties of Soft Enamel Pins ensure that this option remains as the most common and popular to be used, besides providing the possibility of more complex and colorful designs with 3D surfaces allowing more creative options for the customers to choose according to their necessities and requirements. Besides, these features maintain the prices low and a faster manufacturing process to satisfy the demand of the market and make a profit.