Plastic Keychains Soft PVC

Flexible and Creative, Plastic Keychains Soft PVC

It is well known that plastic keychains are more affordable than other families, but even among the plastics ones, there are variations with advantages and limitations to take note of. Of course, all the plastic types share some properties like the versatility of design that allows the client to express themselves to their utmost and the availability of a greater number of colors to be used, without mentioning the flexibility. Nonetheless, this family of keychains also has its peculiarities for each type, and every aspect is important at the moment of deciding the kind of keychain.

The purpose of having so many considerations at the time of making decisions is to select the type that is more suitable for your company’s needs, another way you could incur a loss that could have been avoided. It is great that there is one type that is the most common use by many companies and corporations, as well as any kind of business, to make their advertisement, and even sell as part of their products, the Plastic Keychains Soft PVC. That is because it is suitable to be made in mass, and the low cost per unit that makes it very cheap in comparison to other alternatives.



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Properties of Plastic Keychains Soft PVC

The Soft PVC retains some features like the flexibility of the material, which increases in this type, also remains the capability of making many different designs thanks to its structure that made it very easy to shape in any way one could think about. Besides, the Plastic Keychains Soft PVC includes intricate details, lines of text, and also a color plate with different options to make its design more gorgeous and also very suitable to any type of situation and occasion, from advertising to gifting a present, and also commemorate some occasion. The soft PVC is very practical and adaptable, suitable for any project.

These properties are caused because the Soft PVC contains in its formula other substances known as softeners making its structureless rigid, combined with the various colors available, make this material a very playful one suitable to any situation and design from the most classic to some popular caricatures, and also the different logotypes of the companies interested in using this Plastic Keychain Soft PVC as a tool for advertising its name and brand to a higher number of possible clients. These designs can also include 2 dimensions, and tridimensional into different shapes, geometrical or not.

How is it made this type of Plastic Keychains?

The procedure is like the one for Hard PVC. It means that it uses the silicone molds with raised contour lines, then dried, then harden through heating until the piece is done. On the other side, these two different types of plastic are also differing in the composition of the PVC; the softeners make the formula less rigid and increase de flexibility. In some cases is also accompanied by a layer of liquid rubber on the backside after the PVC hardens; that is also baked to harden as well, this proportioned some extra integrity to improve the durability of the pieces makes. 

Advantage of Plastic Keychains Soft PVC

The Soft PVC is the cheapest of materials available to make a keychain of good quality. It makes it the best option for mass producing keychains with a brand of a company so they could commercialize them and even can be used as advertising during some events and reunions. On the other side, this type of PVC is so versatile that almost any design can be reproduced without limit of complexity, as longs as can be entered through the computer and there is the right mold.  Also, the design can be made on both sides of a 2D model or just in one of the faces.

The disadvantage of the Plastic Keychains Soft PVC

The flaw of the Plastic Keychains Soft PVC is that the softeners on its formula usually made the PVC brittle and susceptible to crack under too much pressure. That is the way some designs came with a coat of rubber on one side. Also, the colors of the keychains are exposed to the elements and wear of constant manipulations, so the colors can be lost after some time, depending on the intensity of the employment and exposure, with minimum care still can last a long time. 

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Being probably the less costly material to made keychains, and thanks to the industrial manufacture, it is the perfect choice to focus on quantity over quality. Albeit the latter is not that bad, it still pales compared with the hard PVC and the premium products with hard enamel. On the other side, with the proper care, the Soft PVC keychains can last long enough even if the colors fade with time.