Custom lanyards

Batpins Lanyards, Everything You Need to Know

Many common products are used often and with frequency are ignored in their looks, but it happens that sometimes some do pay attention to these objects and try to make them more unique, colorful, or just specific to something or somewhere. Among these objects often overlooked by many are the Lanyards



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What are the Lanyards?

It is only a strap or also a cord that was sewn to itself in a loop and that allows it to be wear usually around the neck, but also can be used around a shoulder o even on the wrist. Frequently have an extreme with different types of clips or hooks made out of metal, and that will depend on the purpose for which will be used.

Main Use of the Lanyards

Every lanyard has the same purpose that is held on to something and ties it to the person that wears it. Albeit it is the same every time, there are variations, especially with the ending grip attached to the extreme, there are various types each with its purpose, such as:

Lanyards with ID holders

This is the most common use and is an article very often employed in schools, college, visitors in an office of a corporation, in some special events to distinguish the staff, workers on government dependencies that have high-level security, by healthcare workers, employees of hospitality industries, media employees as reporters, etc. This type of lanyard has attached to its end a clip that also is griping the holder of identification to have the ID card visible at all times and as a security measure in any of these places already mentioned.

Lanyards for Keys

Similar to the former, the lanyard has its grip attached to some important keys at the keychain. Usually, it is for those of your own house or of the workplace. Either way, the Lanyards no only allow having the key securely close, it also serves as an excellent keychain with which is more difficult to lose the keys because the lanyard is more visible than just the keys alone, especially if the strap has some eye-catching design or vibrant colors easy to be spotted anywhere.

Lanyards with wallet

Like the name suggests this are Lanyards that have attached to their grip a wallet, usually through a keyring, that will maintain your wallet the closest to you and easy to hold, to see, and even to feel it; ensuring that it is always under your watch, can be considered a safety measure as well, especially in places with crowds where the pockets can be easy prey for skillful hands of criminals.

Lanyard with electronics

For the same purpose, the Lanyards are used to secure electronic devices such as USB flash drives, cameras, music players, and even the Wii Remote wrist strap is a type of lanyard that maintains the control bound to the arm of the player. The sole function is to avoid the fall of the electronic device to the floor if its accidentally drop, also can be left around the neck in case it is necessary to be using it often in a short amount of time and skips the need to placing it in the pocket and taking it out every time, or worst, having it on the hand and place it momentarily somewhere out of your sight only to having it stolen.   

Materials Used

The materials employed are not always the same, depends on the purpose of the lanyard, but usually, these are made of things like polyester, satin, nylon, braided paracord, polyethylene terephthalate, or even leather. In some cases, there are special cases like healthcare personnel such as nurses, doctors, the staff of the medical supplies, among others; that for sanitation reasons, their Lanyards are made with special antimicrobial coating specific to be used in such institutions.

Customize Lanyards

The customization of the Lanyards is not weird considering that in many places it is something that requires constant use in the daily activities at work, in which case usually the straps are imprinted with the name or the logo of the institution and even their representative colors if they have them. Other times, it is not that strict, and the cord is imprinted with designs more unique that allow the user to combine with their outfit like if it were another accessory. This last one applies mostly to individuals that already develop the habit of having the lanyard holding onto something and using it often everywhere.

Order your lanyards with us now

The Lanyards are tools very often employed in different environments for many purposes, and being part of the daily activities, there is a need to make it, so it is more appealing to our taste, especially if is going to be used so frequently, customizing it to be more attune with your style and needs.