Metallic Keychains Soft Enamel

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Many different products are popular for advertising, the most common ones are those that can serve the possible clients in some way, so they are more inclined to accept the object and use it instead of rejecting and throwing it away. One of the options that are used more often is the keychains, specifically Metallic Keychains Soft Enamel because not only provides a lot of possibilities to design an accessory that looks attractive for the clients but also offer them a solution to a necessity like it is having a keychain to hold all our different keys together.

Of course, the Metallic Keychains Soft Enamel is different from the other types used for advertising and has its characteristics. Especially the variety of soft enamel keychains designs available for its accessories, some of which are very popular and sought after because of its many colors and even its surface with reliefs that are suitable to the liking of many customers. 



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Features of Metallic Keychains Soft Enamel

Similar to its counterpart with hard enamel, the Metallic Keychains Soft Enamel has components made of metal, some of the stainless steel, some cheaper than it, and others with higher prices. In any case, the customized designs are the jewel that catches the attention of the customers and it is what they will be seeing constantly while using their keys and eventually associated with your brand through daily contact. The soft enamel designs are well known for their surfaces with reliefs but also because of the variety of plating and colors used to fill the design, some of which can be very vibrant.

The manufacturing process remains the same. Using a metal base processed with die struck to leave the cavities that will cover with the color enamel leaving the die lines elevated in comparison to the colors and treated with high temperatures to harden them and cure them. It has to be admitted that is faster than the other metallic option, with more variety of plating and color available for the customer to express its creativity to the most of his or her skill with details a little more complex. Even like that, the purpose remains equal, being it of allowing the customer is in contact with the brand daily.

Besides all that, the Metallic Keychains Soft Enamel allow the manufacturer to make a design with higher complexity following the needs of the clients that are ordering it, also usually have a variety of colors that includes some plating and options that are not available to the hard enamel type because of the type of finish that it has upon completion of the accessory. For that reason, the Soft Enamel keychains have more creative freedom in comparison and allow more different designs. 

Advantage of Metallic Keychains Soft Enamel

Albeit with a cost lower than its counterpart, there are cases where this type of keychain is perceived with a high value but depends on the metal used because there are different plating available according to the client’s needs. This product is popular as advertising and can last a long time while also allowing the brand to use a more complex design that includes more letters like a slogan.

Also, comparatively speaking, this type of keychain is both cheaper and faster to produce than hard enamel versions, which contribute to its high popularity. The important point is that while having it, the clients will always associate the creativity and vibrant colors with your product and brand, which will happen any time they look at the Metallic Keychains Soft Enamel daily. It is a very suitable option that can adapt to the necessities of your business and following your design provides a very great and popular promotional item with fewer costs while maintaining good quality.

As a little extra, it is also known that the Metallic Keychains Soft Enamel has the die lines more elevated that the enamel cover so their surfaces have relief and can stimulate the sense of touch and also be more suitable to people that prefer it over smooth surfaces and gives it a particular characteristic that no other type has, the 3D surfaces of the design.

The disadvantage of this type of Metallic Keychains

The less covered surfaces are more is more likely to degenerate with exposure to the elements, but it will still last a long time, just less than the Hard Enamel version. Also, it is more susceptible to the colors to be snatched and be affected upon contact with hard surfaces, especially under pressure. 

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The Metallic Keychains Soft Enamel is one of the most common advertising items thanks to both the more availability of creative design and the faster manufacturing speed at lower costs; it is certainly a very suitable choice for many companies and other businesses to make their brands known.


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