Plastic Keychains Hard PVC

Batpins Plastic Keychains Hard PVC, Do Not Lose Your Keys Again

The family of plastic keychains is considerable cheaper saving a lot of money while manufacturing them in mass, also using the plastic provides many more possibilities to design either in shape, measures and even the availability of colors, all with fewer costs but also less durability compared with the enamel family of keychains. In the end, it all depends on the needs of your business and which family is more suitable for you to choose as a way of advertising your brand with a unique style that belongs only to you and helps to attract possible clients to your company.

The Plastic Keychains Hard PVC is flexible, way cheaper than the enamel family, and very often used to be made in mass and release as advertising of the brand. The most prominent aspect of this type of keychains is that the material has very good flexibility and without a tendency to either crack or even brittle, which guarantee a long useful life and resistance to be the wear resulting from the constant use and direct contact with the bare hands and other surfaces. Its composition allows the Plastic Keychains Hard PVC to have various characteristics that make the most suitable choice for advertising your brand.



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Properties of Plastic Keychains Hard PVC

As mentioned before the Hard PVC is flexible, capable of moving, and altering its shape without losing the original unless it passes a certain point. Besides, this type of plastic is free of any softener substance and can maintain a higher concentration of raw material of PVC; that helps increase its durability and resistance to cracks and ensure that the plastic is not brittle. That way no matter the intensity of manipulations it will guarantee a considerable long useful life, and it is ensuring that the Plastic Keychains Hard PVC are of good quality that can serve as an example of the performance of the brand and serve as advertising for your business and attracts clients.

How is it made a Keychain of Hard PVC?

Some machines can deposit liquid PVC of a variety of colors into silicone molds with the intended shape and measures of the keychains according to the specifications of the client with the right proportions. The machine places the liquid PVC of each corresponding color into the right place of the mold following the design entered from the computer working similar to some kind of printer. The procedure will take a few minutes depending on the complexity of the design and its size; once it finishes, the mold is placed in another machine that bakes the PVC to harden it and ends the production.

Advantage of Plastic Keychains Hard PVC

As can be noticed, this procedure is very fast, and also this type of keychain can be manufacture in mass reaching large quantities of units a day, which is often the way of how it is done. This industrial production reduces the cost of manufacturing and makes the Plastic Keychains Hard PVC cheaper options compare with the family of enamel keychains. It is for these mass production and fewer costs than plastic alternatives are the most utilized as an advertising and even as products directly for selling. Besides, the Hard PVC has an increased variety of colors surpassing the available in the enamel colors.

On the other side, thanks to the design being automatized through a computer and the use of specific molds, the Plastic Keychains Hard PVC has a considerable advantage in the complexity of the design. This type of keychain can be made as simple logotypes or complex caricatures that require multiple lines, text, and details as well as a color plate with enough variability to satisfy the demand. The quantity of colors mixes in a single keychain can reach from a few units to a few dozens. Of course, the cost per unit will change according to the size, complexity, and quantity of colors that requires.

Also, the plastic keychains can be made as designs of 2 dimensions, or 3 dimensions even can choose to make it by the two faces of the accessory or just one, all depends on the need and likes of the customer.

Disadvantages of Plastic Keychains Hard PVC

Albeit using Plastic Keychains Hard PVC is very good cost-efficient speaking, the quality is not as high as the enamel family. The plastic keychains will lose their color with time and also can become very messy when dirtied if it is not cleaned right. 

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Selecting this type of keychain is entirely up to the needs of your company, its advantage can be exploited to reach a higher number of peoples at the time with minimal costs, but if your objective is something that lasts many years with excellent quality, you should think about other alternatives.

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