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Hard enamel pins are the best quality you will be able to find in the current market. Their main characteristics are their brightness, their smooth surface and their durability. They are highly appreciated among collectors and specially adequate for big ocassions, such as celebrations or award ceremonies.


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Smooth and Shiny, Batpins Hard Enamel Pins

Many companies, corporations, political parties, and other peoples want to make their customized pin to represent an event, their brand, or their creativity in design. Whatever the purpose of the pin, some considerations need to be taken care of, not only the design but also the materials to make it, so it can highlight the features of the design and guarantee both its quality and durability. In that sense, there are various options to choose from when deciding to make a pin, can be made of precious metals and jewelry, or with a beautiful finish and colorful design make of enamel, any choice with its popularity.

On the other side, it is very known that the Hard Enamel Pins are one of the most popular options to craft thanks to their particularly good appearance and the fact that are of the best quality available on the market. Besides, these pins have many advantages that could suit the necessities of every customer about its design and always maintaining a professional glossy look.

¿How is a Hard Enamel Pin made?

The Hard Enamel Pins are very often made using a metal base that is die-cut according to the design of the customer to create some cavities separated by thin edges in the shape of the intended design. Once is made the basic structure of the pin, the cavities are filled with color enamel to the brim, this process can require the addition to be done several times before proceeding to the next step. On the other hand, the selection of the color that is going to be filled in each cavity is also done following the customer instructions and requirements. That way, the design remains the most loyal to what the client desires.

Once the color enamel has filled each cavity, the pin is subjected to high temperatures to harden and cure the enamel. Finally, the only remaining step is to polish the pin ending with Smooth and Shiny Batpins Hard Enamel Pins having the best quality available, also counting with gorgeous and alluring appearance suitable for a premium product.

¿What is the advantage of a Hard Enamel Pins?

This choice has very high popularity because, among the Properties of Hard Enamel Pins, these’ quality is the highest currently available in the market. These hard enamel pins have an excellent long durability, and each one has a beautiful finish that is very pleasing to see, and a smooth surface to the touch. Also, these pins maintain their looks for a very long time, with minimum proper care. For that reason, these pins are known as premium products. Also, these are very welcome among either big corporations or small businesses, including anything in between.  

The reason behind the long durability among the Properties of Hard Enamel Pins is precisely its high-gloss finish. This smooth surface prevents the pin from having a texture and protects it from having the facade snatched or the colors to suffer degeneration because of the exposure to the elements and the manipulation with the bare hands. This kind of finish also provides increased resistance to the contact with a hard surface, allowing its protection no matter the type of recipient where it is stored. On the other side, the smooth finish can maintain the luster even over time without having it compromised at all.

These Properties of Hard Enamel Pins ensure its permanency as a premium quality product among all the types of pins that can be made. These pins are highly valued by their owners and can retain their aesthetics and value for a long time, making the investment worth it if you are looking for something durable. 

The disadvantage of Hard Enamel Pins

Although this type of pins are highly valued and considered premium products, it also has its limitations and disadvantage that have to look at and compare them with your necessities and requirements for your pin before choosing it. Can be noticed because of the high-quality Properties of Hard Enamel Pins, the process of making this type takes considerable time and significant effort while making; it is that reason why their price can be a little higher than other types of a pin. Of course, it is a worthy investment upon the quality and duration of the product, so you need to think carefully about your needs.

Order your pins with us

The Batpins Hard Enamel Pins can ensure that their quality as the best and make the customized design according to your wishes with the utmost efficiency. Their pins will last a long time while maintaining their shiny and smooth appearance as good as new and protected from the passing of time, the elements, and even the sole manipulation with bare hands without even the tiniest compromise on its finish.



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