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If you are one of those people who love to personalize their environments, even decorating certain appliances such as refrigerators, computers, metal surfaces and doors; Batpins magnets will be your delight. Their varied designs and proposals give to all tastes. No one will be able to resist.



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What are Batpins decorative magnets?

Batpins magnets are decorative accessories that can additionally be useful to keep ready information that we need to have at first hand and in a visible place so that we do not forget them. They can also be useful to keep certain surfaces closed…

Batpins has a wide variety of designs of all sizes and with themes of all types, from food, kitchen implements, fantasy, office items, clothing, accessories and many more. At Batpins you will find decorative magnets so creative and original that you won’t be able to pass them up.

The doors of your fridge can be decorated with beautiful and juicy ice trays, pieces of pizza, cakes, plates, cutlery, fish … The options at Batpins will always be infinite to choose from, the truth is that your fridge will never go unnoticed with such beautiful decorative elements.

Among the options you will find magnets made with different materials and textures. Batpins makes sure to provide you with variety so you can choose freely. There are so many that it will be difficult to find all the refrigerators and surfaces decorated with the same designs.

Batpins will help you maintain that unique style with its decorative magnets. Not only your refrigerator doors, but also your cabinet doors and interior frames can display the eye-catching magnet designs.

Where you can use your Batpins decorative magnets

Decorative magnets are perfect for placement on magnet-receptive surfaces: metallic or magnetic. This way you can personalize your fridge, microwave, cutlery shelf and any other surface where they can stick thanks to the magnetic attraction effect.

In addition to personalizing and beautifying your fridge, Batpins magnets will help you keep an eye on your stagecoaches. With their help, you can keep track of: shopping lists, receipts for outstanding payments, business cards of someone you’re interested in contacting and you can even keep photos of your loved ones, reminding you how much they love you.

You choose the type of design. If you’re the type of person who chooses fantasy because you have children at home and you want to brighten up their visits to the kitchen;  Batpins has beautiful pieces, well defined and totally adjusted to the most emblematic characters of the most famous stories and comics.

If, on the other hand, you like other types of designs more appropriate for adults, which reproduce, for example; accessories, and animals or even are decorated with striking stones, Batpins puts them at your disposal.

Magnets are not only reserved for the kitchen area. There are also those who like to decorate some elements of their office to give them that personal touch. Batpins offers you decorative magnets with office themes and many others that you can choose at your discretion.

On the computer, on the cabinets with iron surfaces, organizers, shelves or printers, you can place your magnets to beautify and give a personal touch to your work area.

There are also larger than traditional decorative magnets that you can place in the kitchen or on a magnetic board and use to hang your keys. There are beautiful pet motifs such as cats and dogs.

Decorative magnets will go well on any iron surface. They will give a fresh touch to your spaces that will not go unnoticed by your visitors. Don’t hesitate to recommend Batpins when asked where you bought them. Remember there are many designs to choose from.

Customize your decorative magnets

Batpins offers its customers the option of customization on many of its items, including decorative magnets. So if you want to customize your decorative magnets or design one to your own taste, you can do it with Batpins.

A set of decorative magnets represents a good detail for any person. You can acquire the magnets that fit what that person likes best. For example, if you are a cat or elephant lover or if you are a shoe or perfume collector; giving them magnets with these motifs would be a great gesture.

On the other hand, Batpins also has flexible magnets, with which any entrepreneur or business owner can promote their services or products. They are an excellent way to advertise for free and will be a nice detail that every client will value. 

These folding card style magnets are printed on their main side, with the logo or information you want to add; and on their back side they have a flexible black magnetic surface.

Customized magnets can also have a special phrase or motif as a gift. Batpins offers this great possibility, so don’t miss this opportunity to make a nice gift for Christmas or any special date.


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