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Distinguish Yourself with Batpins Name-tags

The customization of pieces of jewelry can go from pins to even buttons. At some point, it includes a variety of badges. These badges can give many different purposes, also be made of different materials and styles. A common badge used in many working places is the name-tag, employed in many different professions all around the world, from the waitress to entrepreneur, the name-tag can be found anywhere and in a sense is also a personal choice that can reflect your taste and personality depending on how it is customized.



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What are Name-tags?

These are a type of badges or stickers depending on if it is permanent or temporally one that displays the name of the individual wearing it worn on the outermost layer of clothing for it to be visible to the surrounding people. Temporal Name-tags are stickers where the name can be written or was printed, but will only be used for a limited time, often used in small conventions. On the other hand, permanent name-tags are often made with lightweight metals or plastic with the intention for it to be durable and usually is related to the job that the individual is employed at. 

These badges are attached to the garments of the wearer with adhesive if are of paper, but the permanent Name-tags use the assistance of a pin, magnets, alligator clips, and many others. Among those name-tag backings, the one with the most increasing popularity is the use of magnets because it does not need to puncture the clothing to be worn. 

Main Use of Name-tags?

The principal function of Name-tags is to display the name of the wearer, so anyone can recognize it and called him or her by the name it shows. In other cases, it also displays additional information like the title of the individual or the position that he or she occupied in the job besides the last name and initial of the first name, of course, this can change according to the local convention. Sometimes will also show the name of the institution where it is working and a logotype of the same. 

Also, in the case of the military, the Name-tags show the rank of the soldier along with the last name. In other words, the only purpose of the name-tag is to identify every individual before the people around. This type of badge is also used in fast-food restaurants, customer service companies, representatives of organizations that are responsible for facing the public, universities, even police officials have them.

Materials Used

The permanent Name-tags are most commonly made of light metals like aluminum, stainless steel, and also brass. Of course, that depends both on your requirements and on the budget available spend. In case these are too expensive for your needs, there also options made with plastic and laminated paper, some may choose wood. Of course, permanent is a matter of speech. When talking about durability, it is evident that the metal ones are on the lead, with properties of corrosion resistance also tarnish resistance, practically immune to abrasions, scratches, and almost anything that could damage it in normal circumstances.

Customize Name-tags

This process usually entails the engraving of the name and any other information that you could want it displayed in the Name-tags, of course, that only applies to metal, plastic, and even wood type ones, those that choose the laminated paper just printing will do the job. The customization also includes the design of the name-tag, if it will show the name of the place you are working, its logotype, your position, the type of letter, etc. Even more, you could want it with color or with a finish more metallic and glossy. It all depends on your budget and what you need or want it to be like.

Also, the customize counts with the name-tag backing that will be employ, from the many different options the one with the most popular in current times is the use of magnets, so if you like for example something like a full-color badge with magnet backing, be sure to have an adequate budget to afford it. On the other side, if you are looking for Name-tags for your employees then engraving is a better option. For beginners, a plastic-type will be enough, but again, it is up to you, there are also name-tags engraved in wood, there are many possibilities available.

Order your custom name-tags with us now

The Name-tags are required in many professions and very often they are the first connection with the client of your company or working place, so it is better to make a good impression, use a name-tag that represents you really, showing your taste and personalities besides just your name and position. Remember, the first impressions are the most lasting, so it is better to take a good start, and if the name-tag will be with you for a long time, it should suit you.

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