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Printed pins are the most affordable kind of custom pins you will find. Moreover, they are the only type of pin that can include absolutely every single detail you want in their design. Their tecnhique of fabrication allows them to be produced quickly and in big quantities, what makes them perfect for advertising purposes.


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More Personalized, Batpins Printed Enamel Pins

Among the many types of pins, there always are some that are more simple or complex depending on the thinking of the client. There are some monochromatic ones make entirely of metal, others are colorful cast with the enamel of a variety of colors along with the corresponding die lines to make beautiful art pieces and jewelry accessories. It is evident that all the different types of pins are to satisfy the variety of tastes and needs that the customers may have while making their choice; each one having their properties to satisfy such demands.

For any type of pin, there are always some limitations concerning the complexity of the design and the availability of colors. In that sense, Batpins Printed Pins have the best to offer a personalized design that requires complex lines, including text lines, even some photos, and other more complex pictures. For that reason, this type of pin is the most customized and perfect for those that require a more intricate product like elaborated logotypes. Of course, the printed pins also will have some differences with others like the lack of any reliefs on its surface.

How is this type of pin make?

As the name suggests, the Printed Enamel Pins are a modification of the normal ones, usually the hard enamel pins. The process of making start with the same steps, using the metal base and die struck it into the shape wanted by the customer, along with the concavities for the enamel to be filled to the brim and bake it to harden it before polishing it. The variations come afterward, upon the smooth surfaces of the hard enamel pin, it is printed the design of the client with special printers. The result is a pin that can be customized with more elaborated lines, texts, and even can include photos. 

The Printed Enamel Pins are most suitable to any client that requires a design with intricate and thin lines, also if the design is too small to the colors be made with filling enamel in the cavities. Either it is tiny details or small text line, even the complete design of the company or corporation’s logo, the best option is to get it printed instead of using the common enamel filled options. The best part is that this type of pin can still take advantage of the properties of hard enamel pins but with a better quality of design. Of course, it also came with some limitations.

There also are other variations, like the directly Printed Pins that are fast to make and have great attention to details, allowing include photo-quality images,  texts, and other highly complex images, similar to the former. These properties make them the best choice for advertising brands and logotypes. Also, this type is made using a printing plate made for each color of the intended design, which will later apply them upon a sheet of the chosen base metal. Finally, each piece is treated at a high temperature to let the ink be cured and dry to end the process. 

Advantages of Printed Enamel Pins

As said before, this type of pin has the same advantages as those that use hard enamel. That means, that the Properties of Printed Enamel Pins include the highest quality and durability that corresponds to it, allowing it to be a beautiful jewelry accessory that remains protected before the harshness of the elements, the manipulations with bare hands, and also contact with hard surfaces. Besides all the already said, it also includes the more complex designs, that even can have text lines and photos. Allowing the design to be protected and preserving the colors over time without that much difficulty. 

In the case of the directly Printed Pins are the fastest to be made with low cost, include every tiny detail of the customized design with a photo-like quality, in addition to lines of text, and can be mass-produced so it is very often used for the advertising of any type of brand.

The disadvantage of the Printed Enamel Pins

The clear disadvantage among the Properties of Printed Enamel Pins is that this manufacturing process requires time to be invested because it first makes a hard enamel pin before proceeding with the printing. For that reason, it will take a little more time to have them ready and also will be a little expensive compare to soft enamel ones, but the investment is definitively worth it because of the quality of the design and durability of the pin.

Order your pins with us

The Printed Pins are very sought after for advertisement thanks to their quality to detail and speed of manufacturing. Besides when combine with hard enamel techniques pins the final product can be considered of the best quality and a real premium pin that will remain with its quality over time.