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A lighter is suitable for both smokers and non-smokers. They can be used to accomplish tasks that are very useful in everyday life. Who at some time has not needed a lighter to light a candle or to start the stove? Batpins lighters will help you with this and more.



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What is a lighter?

Basically it is a small portable device designed to generate fire through a simple mechanical or electrical system. Lighters usually consist of a resistant shell with an inner chamber containing flammable material such as gas, gasoline or butane.

The fire is produced once the mechanism is activated through a stone that induces the spark by friction, thus igniting the fire. The most comfortable thing is that as well as the birth of the wick, it can be extinguished; as soon as you stop pressing a small button that keeps the fire active.

Nowadays, it is more common to find lighters with an electrical system that, supported by quartz, produces a spark. The most common lighters are those that have a threaded stone that when spun, produces the fires from the inner wick.

A lighter can use several spark systems: stone, wheel, electric part. However, it will be the manufacturer who determines the type of mechanism to be implemented.

In the market there is a great variety of lighter models. For all tastes and colors. Some are designed to dazzle with their aesthetics and others are simpler and more conventional and can be found more easily in any store.

Although lighters are usually only associated with people who are used to smoking, they are acquired by many other people who require them to satisfy other needs.

Types of use

A lighter is very useful and goes far beyond the simple act of lighting a cigarette or cigar.

Campers often keep a lighter inside their gear because of how useful it can be in the middle of an outdoor outing. Its role in these scenarios is as fundamental as the ropes, a tent or a knife could be.

Thanks to lighters, no more effort or time is needed to generate fire. It will be enough to gather some branches and leaves to lean on the lighter and generate a good fire, with which to counteract the effects of a cold climate.

It will also serve as a great support for the preparation of food. It will be enough to act on the threaded stone; so that the barbecue, portable stove or grill begins to warm up and you will never eat your frozen food again during your camping trips. 

They are also very useful to provide light in the middle of the darkness in case a flashlight fails. With the support of a lighter you will be able to get out of this kind of trouble.

Different types of lighters work on a campsite:

  • Gasoline lighters
  • Electric lighters
  • Gas lighters
  • Piston lighters
  • Flint lighters

Other functions that a lighter can help with are the following:

  • Lighting of candles: Whether the electrical system has failed and you do not have emergency lamps. So, you have to resort to the old way of lighting the spaces with the help of candles; or if it is a birthday and the flame serves as a support to light the candles on the cake.
  • Lighting the stove: Many times the electric ignition systems in the kitchen can be damaged, especially if they are old.  In these cases a lighter is of great help since you will be able to light the stove without inconveniences and in quite a safe way.
  • Lighting incense sticks: Do you like to practice yoga? Generally, it is advisable to light aromatic sticks to prepare the environment, both for practicing yoga or meditation. A lighter is a great help in these cases, both at home and in a professional center.

There are many uses; in any case the important thing is that on each occasion the lighter is used correctly, especially if they are gas or petrol. So, you should always make sure of the following:

Hold the lighter vertically, trying to position it under what is going to be lit. This way you will avoid the flame, which will always point upwards, to burn you. Therefore, it should not be used in a horizontal position.

Avoid using the lighter in high-risk and flammable areas, such as gas stations.

Customize your Batpins lighter

Batpins offers you a variety of high quality and effective lighter designs, in striking colors and presentations.

Batpins lighters are light, beautiful and easy to carry in any of your pockets. You will never want to leave it at home.

You can also customize them to create your own unique design, so you never lose sight of it, and no one else can argue with your ownership of it.

Batpins offers you quality lighters, with strong and stable flame; with a safe and leak proof system. Fully rechargeable so you can enjoy the time you want from your Batpins lighter.

Do you find them beautiful and eye-catching? Don’t miss the opportunity to give one as a gift. They’re never out of place.