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Did you know that you can personalize your clothes and accessories easily and in a few steps? Thanks to Batpins Patches you can make a difference and mark your personal style by adding these innovative patches of various themes and designs to your favorite clothes.

The best thing is that you can get them easily through our website and you will be the one who decides how many and how to use them.



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What are Batpins patches?

Batpins patches are a textile accessory, made of different types of fabrics such as wool and polyester; which has an embroidered design that stands out for its originality and the vividness of its colors. These patches can be found in various sizes: Small, medium or large depending on the utility.

Batprins has cheerful, fun, modern and colorful designs that you will not want to miss; like the stamps of superheroes of: Superman, Captain American, Flash, and others

Our Batprins patches stand out because they are really strong and durable. Among the collection of patches you will find varied designs for all tastes: children, youth and adults and even personalized.

Batprins patches will help you stand out with a unique style that will make a difference. It won’t matter if your jacket or pants match the fashion brands that everyone else wears, thanks to Batprins patches you can customize your clothes and get out of the crowd.

Types of Batprins patches?

Embroidered Patches: Batprins embroidered patches are distinguished over other types of patches for their high quality and durability. These are so resistant that they can even last beyond the garment on which they have been sewn; so they can be perfectly removed and embroidered on another piece of fabric.

Batprins Patches: Although these patches usually share the quality of the embroidered patches, they differ from them by having an additional element: a small thermo-fuse sheet that is the means to adhere it to the garment, through the use of an iron or other means of heat application.

Although it has a fairly simplified installation system, thanks to this it requires greater care to contribute to its maintenance and avoid early detachment of the fabric.

Batprins patches embroidered on adhesive: Compared to previous models of patches, they are usually a little less strong, due to the wear of the adhesive. Even so, they represent a good option for temporary placements. If the idea for example is to personalize some garment with specific motifs such as a party or a specific event, they are a good help.

How are they used?

Batprins patches, as mentioned above, can be used in different ways, they can be sewn, glued to the garment through thermo-adhesion or even with the use of adhesive.

They can become a distinctive element on your pants, tops, jackets, bags and even on some tennis models. The options are there, creativity is free and you only need to align yourself with what you want to express for the magic to happen.

How to place an embroidered Batprins patch?

First you must define the garment on which you will embroider the patch. Determine the area well, taking into account how visible you want the patch to be: protagonist, complement or detail. 

Before starting to sew, take the garment on which you will sew the patch, turn it over and pass the iron over the chosen area. The idea is to place heat on the opposite area where you will sew the patch. Once done, place the garment on the right side and fix the patch on the chosen place with the help of pins. The next step is to start stitching around the patch using a thread that matches the tone of the edge of the patch. During the whole process, check the fabric below does not wrinkle.

Another way to sew it is by machine.

How do I place a Batprins Heat-Sealable Patch?

The first step is to wash the garment on which you plan to place the patch. It doesn’t matter if it’s new. This step is mandatory.

  • Heat the iron without the steam option for a few minutes and do not use it until it is hot enough.  
  • Stretch the garment as tightly as possible over an ironing board. Place the patch on the garment with the embroidery facing you. 
  • Cover the patch with a scarf or cloth to avoid direct contact with it. 
  • Go over the patch firmly with the iron for about 20 seconds. 
  • Remove the iron, let it air out for a few seconds.  
  • Run the iron again for another 20 seconds, making sure to check the edges and then let it air out. 
  • If you want to make sure the patch is not removable, you can optionally sew the edges.

To guarantee the success of the thermo adhesion on the textile piece, you should avoid washing the garment for at least two or three days after application.

Bags, jackets, sweaters, pants, shorts, skirts … turn your garments into a unique and original design with the Batpins patches.

Quality and durability for a lower cost.

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