Custom Pens


Writing is an art and having a pen of ideal weight and grip, with a silky sliding tip; easy to carry and no risk of ink leaking out that can ruin your shirts or the inside of your bag, is the best option. That’s why Batpins offers you quality pens.

The pens are useful accessories and are a great help in the middle of infinite situations such as: visits to a bank, in the middle of administrative procedures and especially in the office.

Requiring a pen and not having it at a certain time; such as filling out a bank form, signing a check or a contract or taking notes for the minutes of the meeting, can be a nightmare. The absence of this important accessory at the right time, believe it or not, can even delay our proceedings.



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What are Batpins pens?

Batpins pens are your ideal choice, safe, comfortable, easy to hold, rotating and sliding point, with which writing will always be a pleasure. Their varied designs and mechanisms offer plenty of options to choose from.

You can always carry these pens with you, inside your wallet, in your checkbook holder, attached to your shirts or pockets; of your pants without risk of an unexpected discharge of ink ruining your clothes.

Batpins pens are characterized by their durability, resistance, excellent performance and also have eye-catching designs that will make you wish you had more than one.

Types of use?

Batpins has a great variety of pens that are not only distinguished by their colors but also by the operation of each one of them. Yes, because not all pens operate in the same way.

Batpins pens with twist mechanism: These pens are characterized by having a twist opening system. Usually the twist is given in the middle or lower part of the pen. This way the tip is exposed.

Pens with retractable mechanism: These pens have a button on the top that when operated removes the tip and when pressing the hook holder it is saved. The system patented in 65 by the Parker Pen Company is supported by a spring and a triquet, with which it is possible to prepare the pen to write with one click.

Batpins pen with cap: These are the most popular models. They are the ones with a cap and do not have any special mechanism to work. You only need to remove the cap to write.

These pens usually have liquid inks which are generally of shades: Blue and black. The writing becomes quite fluid and comfortable thanks to the sliding of the ink, so the hand will hardly feel tired.

With the two upper options you can find designs in both liquid ink and gel.

The gel ink allows a fluid writing, but its advantage lies in the fact that it does not usually penetrate the paper as much as the liquid ink. Therefore, there is less risk of transfer.

Batprins has gel ink pen options in a variety of beautiful and eye-catching shades. Fluorescent, metallic and even glitter finishes give a bright and unique touch to your writing.

Another good option for Batpins pens includes erasable ink. Thanks to this, it will be possible to erase any writing error or any wrong data without having to request another form. Imagine having a pen with a striking design and also being able to erase its line as if it were a pencil? 

That and more offer you Batpins pens

Customize your pens

Batpins offers you the unmissable opportunity to choose any pen model and personalize it completely to your liking. Maybe you want to put your initials on it to prevent someone else from getting your pen by mistake? Write some emotional phrase to give a nice gift?

There are many options. You can choose among several types, mechanisms and turn them into your particular pen by attaching any detail.

With the Batpins pens you will have options that will allow you to choose, apart from a nice design, a particular use system: with a button, with a cover, retractable or with a non-slip grip.

A good gift

Acquiring a Batpins pen will always be a good gift, both personally and for others.  Acquiring by one of these pens you are giving yourself the opportunity to offer a quality gift to a family member, friend, and fellow student or work colleague.

A pen will always be a good option; they will be an ideal gift because you will know that it will not be relegated to a drawer. Everyone at some time of the day, whether at home, on the street or in the office, needs to write down certain things.

The best thing is to make sure you have a good pen at hand because you never know when we might need your support.

Batpins pens will be with you anytime, anywhere, with their guaranteed effectiveness and durability.